PsychConsult is an accredited Continuing Education Provider. We offer seminars and workshops that are recognized by the Psychological Association of the Philippines (PAP) and the Philippine Professional Regulation Commissio (PRC). We have also been invited to schools and companies to give talks on parenting, discipline, helping yayas handle children, classroom management, work/life balance, life transitions, adolescent sexuality, and the like.

Our recent workshops include:

Psychological Screening Assessments Series
This program consists of five three-hour talks for students, psychometricians, psychologists, and anyone involved in doing psychological assessments. The series begins with introducing the rational and logical approach to psychological screening and fundamental good practices, and proceeds to tackling two common assessment areas i.e. intellectual functioning and personality functioning, and concludes with reporting assessment results.


Take Charge of Your Life: How to Get What You Need Workshop
This six-hour workshop based on the book Take Charge of Your life by the late Dr. William Glasser. The workshop provides participants with knowledge to: gain more effective control over negative feelings, be more self-accepting and less critical of others, learn specific ways for resolving conflict, and connect with others better.



Choice Theory / Reality Therapy Basic Intensive Training
This is a four-day workshop about Choice Theory and Reality Therapy (CT/RT), a self-empowering and solution-oriented counseling approach, developed by Dr. William Glasser, that has been proven to help individuals make better decisions and take effective control of their lives. The Basic Intensive Training focuses on the seven habits that help maintain healthy relationships and the application of CT/RT to a variety of life situations. The various interactive activities, videos, and simulations make way for participants to develop a more thorough understanding of mental health as it applies to education, management, and marriage. Undergoing this training is the first step towards becoming a Certified Reality Therapy Practitioner.


Choice Theory / Reality Therapy Advanced Intensive Training
Building on previous insight from the Basic Intensive Training, this four-day workshop aims to bring participants to a higher level of experience and understanding of Dr. Glasser’s reality therapy, choice theory, and lead management. The exercises, role-play, demonstrations, and discussions make way for participants to develop a more thorough understanding of mental health as it applies to education, management, and marriage, and of how CT/RT can be used in different client groups.


Putting the Data Privacy Act to Work in Clinical Practice
In this eight-hour workshop, Clinical Psychology Practitioners would learn more about the Data Privacy Act and its relevance as well as application to one’s practice. Republic Act No. 10173 or The Data Privacy Act of 2012 mandates any individual or organization both in government and the private sector to protect personal information collected and/or processed to put in place organizational, physical and technical protection measures. In the workshop, the technological and legal aspects of the Data Privacy Principles and the Rights of the Data Subject will be discussed. Participants will also be tasked to do a pre assessment of their own organizations    using the Data Life Cycle.


Other topics of seminars and workshops that we have conducted include:

Adolescent Development and Sexuality

Adolescent Risk Taking and Decision Making

Helping Teens Deal with Peer Pressure

Talking about Sexuality with Generation Text

Adult Health, Relationships and Well-being

Anger Management for Adults

Burnout Prevention

Counseling for Managers

Creating Healthy Family Relationships

Developing Better Self-Esteem and Body Image

Fostering Effective Communication in the Workplace

Smoking Cessation

Understanding Chronic Illness: Helping Caregivers and Patients

Work Life Balance

Anxiety and Mood Problems

Conquering Fears and Anxieties

Helping Children with Selective Mutism in School

Depression in Adolescents

Childhood Concerns

Helping and Managing your Child with ADHD

Identifying Red Flags in Children and Adolescents

Managing Children’s Behaviors

Understanding Different Childhood Disorders

School and Learning

Encouraging Children to do Well in School: A Parenting Seminar

Identifying Lags in School Learning

Learning Disabilities in Children

Strategies to Address Bullying in School

Parenting and Caregiving

Learning to Implement Positive Discipline

Empowering Parents

A Seminar for Yayas on Child Development and Discipline

Psychology Topics for Professionals and Paraprofessionals

Basic Skills in Play Therapy

Basics of Psychological Evaluation and Diagnostics

Best Practices in Clinical Psychology

Conducting the Clinical Interview

Ethics in Clinical Practice

Learning the Rorschach Inkblot Test

Preventing Secondary Trauma in Professionals

Psychological Report Writing

Setting Up a Clinical Practice

Suicide Risk in Psychotherapy: Assessment and Response


If you or your organization are interested in any of these topics, or need one in particular, please send us an email at