Counseling or psychotherapy aims to help children, adolescents, and adults address and work through various mental health issues or concerns that may be causing them distress or dysfunction in their daily lives. These may include various life crises, difficulties, and transitions. We employ a combination of theoretical frameworks (cognitive, behavioral, client-centered, humanistic psychological theories) and strategies (such as play therapy, cognitive-behavioral therapy, yoga therapy) to achieve therapy goals. Therapy can be conducted either individually or in a group, depending on the client’s personal needs. Couples or families who need support in improving their relationship also can benefit from psychotherapy. Please click on the links below for more details on our psychotherapy offerings:

  PsychotherapyPlay Therapy • Parenting Skills  •

Psychological Evaluation

A Psychological evaluation, or assessment, aims to gather information about a person’s IQ, knowledge, skills, present emotional states, and personality through a set of standardized intelligence and personality tests. These tests may be helpful in identifying an individual’s learning difficulties, cognitive deficits, daily living skills, mood and behavior problems, among others.

Clients are usually referred for a psychological evaluation due to

  • Learning problems or difficulties
  • Behavioral Concerns
  • School Profiling
  • Career matching/assessment
  • Personality assessment
  • Emotional distress
  • Depression, anxiety and other similar mental health concerns

Please click on the links below for more details on our psychological evaluation offerings:

IQ, Achievement and ScreeningPersonality and Career Assessment for Individuals and Schools

Workshops & Training

As an accredited Continuing Education Provider by the Psychological Association of the Philippines, we have been invited to schools and companies to give talks on parenting, discipline, helping yayas handle children, classroom management, work/life balance, life transitions, adolescent sexuality, and the like.

Our programs can be helpful to the following:

  • Graduate Students
  • Psychologists
  • Teachers, Counselors and other School Officials
  • Families with Special Needs Children
  • Parents in need of support
  • Yayas and child care workers
  • Adolescents

Please click on the links below for more details on our workshop offerings:

Seminars and WorkshopsInternship and SupervisionSocial Skills Workshop

Corporate Services
We partner with companies in developing the psychological well-being of their employees, as this can contribute to increased productivity in the workplace and improve employees’ overall well-being. The EAP incorporates prevention programs (e.g., counseling or psychotherapy, seminars on well-being, work-life balance, family-related topics, and others) to address personal and interpersonal difficulties as well as intervention programs (e.g., small group sessions, psychological first-aid during disasters) to deal with crises or existing work difficulties. We also offer personality assessments to help identify the personality profile of your team. This will allow you to map out personalities of team members and help companies find solutions about how employees can work together more harmoniously. Please click on the links below for more details on our corporate offerings:

Employee Assistance Program (EAP)Personality Assessment

Research & Consultancy

We have conducted commissioned research on habits, lifestyle, choices, health, and life transitions, using both qualitative and quantitative methods. Learn more about your clients’ insights, needs and gaps in your product or program through our special projects. For inquiries, please send us an email at