How do I set up an appointment with one of your clinical psychologists?

Consultations with our psychologists are by appointment only. Please call our clinic at 02-4212469 or 02-3576427, or text us through our mobile number 0917-8080193. The secretary can help you schedule an appointment and entertain questions you may have.


Who can make referrals for psychological services?

Doctors, guidance counselors, teachers, speech and occupational therapists, and other professionals refer clients to us. You can also set up an appointment with us without a referral. Click here for more detail on how to go about making referrals for psychological services.


What types of clients do you see? What problem areas do you address?

We see individuals, couples, families, and groups. We work with clients with a wide array of concerns and problem areas. Click here for a more detailed list of such target areas.


I have heard that people who seek counseling or consult with psychologists are “crazy” or “deranged” (in Filipino, nababaliw, sira ulo, loko loko). Is it true?

It is sad that many people may think this way. Usually, there is a stigma attached to those who see psychologists and psychiatrists. This is why many individuals refuse to seek help. It is possible that some individuals manifest emotional outbursts or hurtful behaviors toward themselves and others, which thus greatly affect their relationships. More people have become aware how psychologists can help them through their crises or life transitions thus, they become willing to seek professional help. Individuals who see psychologists can obtain help or guidance in handling stress, taking control of their behaviors and feelings, and in managing their relationships more effectively, so they can restore their sense of well-being.


My child is having learning problems. The teachers say that my child needs to undergo a psychological evaluation. What is that? A doctor referred my child for a psychological evaluation. What is that?

Psychological evaluations make use of a battery of standardized intelligence and personality tests to assess a person’s knowledge, skills, present emotional states, and personality.

The set of tests may be helpful in identifying an individual’s learning difficulties, strengths and weaknesses, emotional needs, and coping style. Interviews and observations supplement the assessment procedure.


Do you appear in court for cases of marital annulment (declaration of nullity of marriage) or child custody?

Currently, we don’t. Our reports are not written for court purposes. However, psychiatrists usually refer clients to us for psychological evaluation. We conduct the psychological evaluation and after obtaining the client’s written consent, we send the report to the psychiatrist. The psychiatrist may or may not use our evaluation to substantiate their own assessment.


What is the difference between Psychologists and Psychiatrists? What is the difference between Psychologists and Developmental Pediatricians/ Neurodevelopmentalists?

Psychologists are mental health practitioners that are trained in the university, whereas Psychiatrists and Developmental Pediatricians/ Neurodevelopmentalists are medical practitioners. Psychologists usually have master’s degrees (MA’s or MS’s) or doctoral degrees (PhD’s). As psychologists, we conduct psychotherapy and conduct psychological tests. Click here for a more detailed explanation on the differences between psychologists and other professionals.