PsychConsult, Inc. is the pioneering psychological firm in the Philippines.

We are a group of Filipino Psychologists focused on promoting our clients’s psychological health and well-being. We work with individuals, groups, and families to be empowered and attain better emotional wellbeing to function as productive members of the community. Our goal is to assist in bringing out the best in people and improving their quality of life.

Since 2001, we have dedicated ourselves to provide quality clinical psychological services and consulting needs of our clients. As one of the pioneers of group practice in the Philippines, our consultants have engaged in their own clinical work for a minimum of 6 years, to as long as 20 years, and have held various posts in the academe and hospital settings.

We also commit to train aspiring junior psychologists and fellow psychologists through our supervision program.

Our Vision

A vibrant community of authentic, integrated, and joyful people.

Our Mission

Guided by our belief in the inherent potential and resources of persons, we are:

  • accompanying people in their holistic growth through varied psychological services.
  • collaborating with communities through psychology-related training, consultancy, and research.
  • upholding the value of excellent ethical and sustainable professional practices.

Clients Served

We have seen children and adolescents who presented with:

  • learning difficulties
  • emotion and anger/ temper management problems
  • behavioral problems
  • concerns with self-esteem
  • depression and mood disorders
  • anxiety problems including selective mutism
  • school refusal
  • emotional problems associated with trauma, family conflict, bullying
  • social skills deficits
  • adoption concerns
  • family concerns regarding children of Overseas Filipino Workers

We see adults who present with:

  • depression and mood disorders
  • anxiety
  • emotion and anger/temper management problems
  • relationship or marital problems
  • single parenthood difficulties
  • family conflicts
  • mid-life issues
  • emotional problems

We have worked with adults in the context of:

  • couples and marital therapy
  • family therapy
  • training of caregivers and social workers of clients who experienced trauma
  • psychological evaluation for addictions and/or psychiatric problems through partnerships with drug rehabilitation centers and psychiatric ward facilities

We have partnered with schools, hospitals and companies by providing:

  • counseling for company employees through the Employee Assistance Program
  • seminars and workshops in the workplace (e.g., work life balance, stress management)
  • psychological and psycho-educational evaluations of children and adolescents