We tailor fit certain assessments to clients’ needs. We give specific personality tests, depending on the assessment goal. Schools have requested personality assessment for its students geared towards learning their strengths and weaknesses.

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)

What is the MBTI? The MBTI is a self-report questionnaire which determines your psychological preferences. It gives information about how you perceive the world, your thinking and decision making styles. By knowing these, you can better understand how your preferences influence your relationships, your work style, and the kind of environment that can bring out the best in you.

Who is it for? The MBTI and its various forms can be administered to individuals to get to know themselves better. Couples can also better understand their partner’s communication style, behaviors, and possible differences in decision-making.

What types of professionals can use the MBTI results? Managers, teachers, counselors, therapists, life coaches, and mentors can use the test results to understand their employees or clients better.

What industries can use the MBTI? Companies can use this tool to determine preferences of their employees and help select individuals who can work best within the company culture. This also helps managers figure out ways to best manage their team, improve communication among staff and figure out a better approach to resolve conflicts. Training programs can be made based on the MBTI types.

In addition, the MBTI is useful for schools to describe its student population. It is helpful to students when conducted alongside career inventories to determine careers that can best fit their personal preferences.

Career Assessment

Confused about what career to pursue or want to make a life change? A career assessment can guide you. Using the MBTI and Strong Interest Inventory, we help students and young adults make informed decisions about their future careers.

MBTI and Strong Interest Inventory

What is the Strong Interest Inventory?  The Strong is a career inventory used to help students and individuals find out their career interests.

Who can take the Strong? It can be administered to high school and college students who want to know their career choices, and employees seeking to change careers.

What instruments are taken with the Strong? When administered together, the MBTI-Strong determines your preferences and identifies occupations and career interests that you may be most compatible with. Results also describe your work preferences and the type of environment which can bring out your best. Items in the Strong Interest Inventory are made up of descriptions of occupation and subject areas, leisure and activity preferences, social preferences, and personal characteristics.

The MBTI-Strong can be done independent from, or in conjunction with a comprehensive psychological evaluation.

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