We partner with companies in developing the psychological well-being of their employees, as this can contribute to increased productivity in the workplace and improve employees’ overall well-being. The EAP incorporates prevention programs (e.g., counseling or psychotherapy, seminars on well-being, work-life balance, family-related topics, and others) to address personal and interpersonal difficulties as well as intervention programs (e.g., small group sessions, psychological first-aid during disasters) to deal with crises or existing work difficulties.

What services are available under the EAP?

Two modalities constitute the EAP: the Prevention and Intervention Programs. 

The prevention program is aimed at equipping employees with knowledge and skills that can help deal with impending personal and interpersonal difficulties, which can be done through lectures and workshops on wellness and stress reduction. We have conducted workshops on parenting, stress management, anger management, and work-life balance.

The intervention program constitutes processing of critical incidents or psychotherapy/ counseling services. Some of our company clients have requested for individual therapy, couples therapy, consultations regarding self-harm or suicide, and counseling about incidents in the workplace.

How do we avail of your EAP services in our workplace?

We would gladly meet with you to discuss how best we can help your company so we can develop a program that suits your needs. This may begin with an assessment of your organizational needs, goals of the EAP, and indicators for success. We also obtain an evaluation from your employees about our services so we can serve you better.

Depending on what suits your company best, we can extend our services on a retainer or a per-activity basis.