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Unit 227 Regalia Park Towers, 150 P. Tuazon Blvd, Cubao, Quezon City
Unit 227 Regalia Park Towers, 150 P. Tuazon Blvd, Cubao, Quezon City

Late adulthood brings with it a special kind of wisdom that emerges when one comes to terms with the meaning of their lives. A sense of integrity is achieved when one is able to look at own patterns and string these in coherently. This, however, does not come naturally to everybody. Others may, in fact need more help making sense of their own journey. Here are a few creative ways you might consider helping your own parents (or yourself) make sense of life and appreciate the journey:

  1. Take a trip through memory lane. Pull out those albums, plan a hometown trip, re-tell a story, and listen intently. Who were your parents before you were born? What were their greatest achievements? Sometimes all they need is a good ego boost and going down memory lane is one sure fire way to do this. If you want to get really creative, help them start a scrap book. This should help make the story even more interesting.
  2. Appreciate art. There’s nothing quite like the complexity of someone else’s symbols to make sense of ours. Visit the local museum; explore your community’s art galleries, museums, and outdoor spaces. Whatever it is, be sure you explore what is beautiful in your environment.
  3. Seek and share expertise. It’s not just about listening to their stories but asking them to share their wisdom and knowledge with you. Ask for their advice. Seeking their opinion can make them feel that their perspective matters.
  4. Get into a new hobby. It’s all about keeping the mind active and sharp. Consider that in late adulthood, retirement can really put you off-course due to idle time. Hobbies are a great way to focus on an activity that will demand attention and draw out strengths.

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