What types of clients do you see? What problem areas do you address?

Most of our clients are individuals who were referred by physicians, schools, organizations or through word of mouth. We see groups of individuals referred by institutions such as hospitals and agencies.

We see children and adolescents who present with:

  • learning difficulties
  • behavioral problems
  • problems with attention and hyperactivity
  • concerns with self-esteem
  • anger management problems
  • depression and mood disorders
  • anxiety problems including selective mutism
  • school refusal
  • emotional problems associated with trauma, family conflict, bullying
  • developmental delays
  • social skills deficits
  • adoption concerns
  • family concerns regarding children of Overseas Filipino Workers

We see adults who present with:

  • depression and mood disorders
  • anxiety
  • relationship or marital problems
  • single parenthood difficulties
  • family conflicts
  • mid-life issues
  • emotional problems

We have worked with adults in the context of:

  • couples and marital therapy
  • family therapy
  • training of caregivers and social workers of clients who experienced trauma
  • psychological evaluation for addictions and/or psychiatric problems through partnerships with drug rehabilitation centers and psychiatric ward facilities