Ria’s clinical practice is centered on psychological assessments of individuals of all ages. She gives parenting talks in various schools and has created and co-developed several modules for teacher training programs. She is also a certified yoga instructor and has been trained in the therapeutic applications of yoga. She currently conducts clinical yoga therapy sessions.

Besides her clinical practice, Ria was a part-time lecturer at the Psychology Department of De La Salle University and was the consultant of Playschool International. Throughout her many years of teaching, she always held dear her core advocacies in teaching, which are developing a love for reading, building a child’s literacy skills, and fostering self-esteem by embracing different learning styles in her classrooms. She conducts teacher training workshops in order to empower other teachers to do the same.

In both her preschool and college classrooms, Teacher Ria believes strongly in the value of play and having fun as an essential element in the learning process. Her present research interests center on mindfulness, movement based therapies, and social networking/cyber psychology. She speaks English and Filipino.